Organizer & Eligibility
1. The Extra E-Instalment Voucher Code (“E-Voucher Code”) is issued by PAYLATER MALAYSIA. It is- redeemable by all valid registered PAYLATER users on PAYLATER apps.

2. The E-Instalment Voucher Giveaway campaign will commence from midnight at 0:00:00, 10th July 2021 and will end at 23:59:59, 23rd July 2021 [“Campaign Period”]. The organizer reserves the right to modify or cancel it at any time.

E-Voucher Code
3. There is only one (1) E-Instalment Voucher Code issued by PAYLATER MALAYSIA within the campaign period.

4. E-Instalment Voucher Details:
     a) E-Instalment Voucher Code: PAYLATERMALLHAX4
     b) E-Instalment Voucher Value: 8 zero-fee instalments in total (Default 4 + EXTRA 4 zero-fee instalments from PAYLATER)
     c) E-Voucher Validity Date: 10th July to 23rd July 2021
     d) E-Voucher Expiry Date: 23rd July 2021
     e) Minimum spending of RM2,000 and above in a single receipt is required to use the E-Instalment Voucher Code.

5. The E-Instalment Voucher Code is only applicable to HEAVYARM store in PAYLATER Mall.

6. Each E-Instalment Voucher Code can be used for ONE time only.

7. The E-Instalment Voucher Code is not transferable, may not be resold, or redeemed for cash.

8. Only ONE E-Instalment Voucher Code can be used each time and cannot combine with other offers with another E-Voucher Code at the same time.

9. Limit to one-time redemption of the E-Instalment Voucher Code for each PAYLATER user.

10. Key in the valid E-Instalment Voucher Code at the voucher redeem page in PAYLATER APP to redeem the E-voucher.

11. The E-Instalment voucher will be considered used once you selected it at the checkout and make a successful payment. If you decide to refund or exchange the purchased product, the E-Instalment Voucher will not be returned or refunded.

Organizer Rights
12. The Organizer – will not be responsible or be made responsible for:
     # Any mistakes, errors, exclusions, disturbances, cuts, deformities, operational or transmission delays, connection failures, theft, destructions, amendments, or unauthorized access, whichever that arose during operation, transmission or otherwise caused by server malfunctions, viruses, bugs, or other causes out of their control.
     # These terms and conditions are regulated by Malaysian law. All disputes or anything in nature similar or related are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Malaysian court.
     # Any incorrect or inaccurate entry details, regardless of if it originated from its customers or any tools or relevant programming used in this or was caused by a technical or human error that may take place while processing the voucher redemption.

Adhering to E-Instalment Voucher Terms and Conditions
13. By using this E-Instalment Voucher Code, Participants are presumed to have read and agree with all the terms and conditions contained here and will adhere to all and/or any decisions that have been made by the Organizer.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions
14. The Organizer has the right to change, amend, exclude, or add the E-Instalment Voucher Code Terms and Conditions without prior notice, at any point in time and all Participants are bound to these changes.

15. The Organizer also has the right to void or cancel, redesign, suspend or postpone this event of any unexpected circumstances outside of its reasonable control.

Data Protection
16. By participating in this E-Instalment Voucher Code and/or providing your personal data to the Organizer, you warrant and represent that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy enclosed to these Terms and Conditions and you consent to the Organizer’s processing of your personal data in accordance with said Privacy Policy. You agree to indemnity, defend, and hold the Organizer harmless against any loss, damages, costs, claims, actions, or liabilities occurring due to your breach of the aforesaid warranty and representation.

17. The Participants’ Personal Data includes their name, Malaysian Identity Card (MyKad/MyPR), contact details, email address, address and transaction number, and any publicly available information available on the entry form (“Personal Data”) will also be recorded, stored, or otherwise processed by PAYLATER MALAYSIA for the purposes relating to the for advertising, publicity, marketing, and communication.

18. The Organizer has taken the relevant cautionary and security measures to ensure the safekeeping of all the Participants’ personal data and requires all third-party data processors to comply with the same measures. Please note, however, that the Organizer can present the Participants’ personal data should it be required to do so by the law, or by a search warrant, subpoena, or court order.

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